7 ways a personal stylist can help you save money

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

Sandy wanted to move from the current life situation as she was feeling stuck. I told sandy that Inner transformation starts from outside. Start from your closet. A personal stylist can help you with that. A lo………….ng pause. Sandy looked at me in utter shock.

“I haven’t got money to spend on expensive clothes. I only wear top and jeans or trousers for work. I can’t afford that”.

I didn’t interrupt in case there is another affirmation she’s got for herself.

After she finished, I started how a personal stylist can help her save money in the long run rather than spending it. She listened:

1) Closet Blue Print: A personal stylist can help you create a closet blue print of your existing wardrobe depending on your life style. How to choose pieces that can be dressed up or down. What your closet needs to have a cohesive style so that everything works together. Learning to what suits you and how to put different pieces together immediately eliminates the need to buy more saves you money.

2) Shopping Secrets: “If you see me smiling for no obvious reason, I must have seen a sale sign”. I used to joke about myself. But now I know how to go about sales and get the best of my buck. Most stores hold four sales during the year. Wait for those sales. Or if you decide to spend some money online go through cashback sites. Or sign up for newsletters if they are offering discount if you sign up. Only buy the piece you need, not the one you like coz you might like the whole collection, but you don’t need it. Work on your list. Does this piece go with at least three other pieces in your wardrobe or is it one off?

3) Develop a taste for expensive rather than buying expensive: I always say to my clients you don’t need to buy high price tags. High street has got everything you need you need to learn to find it. Personal stylist can help you find out which colour suit you the best and how to wear monochromatic looks that look expensive. Don’t buy too much, too cheap. When you need to buy less you get good grip of your budget and can create looks day after day without feeling the urge to buy new hence saving money that you never realised you were spending.

4) Shopping sites: There are so many clothing stores online that it’s impossible to know them if you are not dealing with clothing business on your day to day business. And most of the time we don’t order online for the fear of it not fitting well. Always order two pieces and see which one fits you best. Return the other one. Get satisfaction from the clothing and money in your bag. A personal-stylist can always recommend sites according to Client’s budget and they know the feel of the fabric as well as whether it will suit your body shape or not.

5) Accountability: When you have created a beautiful wardrobe and style for yourself you become accountable to keep up with that. Your own expectations become a norm for you, and you stand at a certain standard which makes you feel good and put-together.

6) Positivity: When you look good you feel good. Hence operating on a higher positive vibe. The impulsive buying that comes with the feel-good factor gets replaced by focus on the more important things in life. Hence the focus of budget shifts from the wardrobe to other parts of life.

7) Organization: does your closet feel like woods without a trail making you feel like you don’t know which way to go or where to start. A personal stylist can provide cohesion and organisation in your wardrobe giving you the power to explore new style ideas everyday while staying on top of things and keeping it organised. If you know what pieces you have you can use them at the right time when you need them and not having to buy something every time you need something 'coz you can’t find the pieces you already own.

Make this the year when your focus changes from things to experiences because things don’t make you rich experience does. I think Sandy is convinced. Are you?