7 ways to stylishly dress your Mum-Tum or Jelly-belly

Updated: Mar 17

This is the time to rock everything

I am 5"2 with a size 10with a little pooch that hangs just below my belly button that I received as an award (along with belly marks) after having three little beautiful additions to my life.

Now there are two things why people cant see my mummy tummy. Yes having overall thinner frame helps but the main thing is I pay attention to what and how i wear my clothes.

1) High-Rise bottom wear: Lets face it : most of us no matter what size or shape we are like to grab a terouser (or a pant or a jeanr or legging or tights) in the morning to wear with a top.Make sure any bottomwear you buy is a high or mid rise. If you ever see a gorgeous trousers that is low rise DON'T BUY IT. Stay away fronm it. When buying any kind of bottomwear try all three depending on your highet tall, regular and petite and see which one you are happy with when it comes to tucking the tummy in . Ignore the lower part as in most cases its very easy to get it altered or folded but you can't do much about the hips and waist.

2) Statement upperwear: by statement I dont mean it has to be heavily embelleshed or have intricut design. but it has to have more appeal to the eye than your lowerwear. You can achieve that with any of the three Cs :colour, cut and curve.

Colour: bold colours has the tendency to draw the eye towards them hence make a statemnt on the upper part of the body . Any light colour can be pumped up with statement accessories to draw the eye towards the upper part of the body.

Cut: V neckline ,cold shoulder or cowl neck are examples of an eye catching feature of the upperwear. V or sweetheart neckline are the prime examples of a cut that elongates the neck and gives the illusion of overall thinner frame. Cold shoulder tops displays a very feminine part of the body hence bringing out the fun, glamour or carefree side of your personality .

Curve: No matter what we wear, the idea behind every garment is to create a balance between the upper and lower body and enhance the curves of the female figure. For that you don't have to get in the fabric and sew it around you. It can be achieved by tucking , knotting or simply wearing a crop top that cuts off at the thinnest part of the waist hence showing off the curves.

3)Skirts and dresses: I know I am gonna have to wear a shapewear underneath a pencil skirt , a bodycon or a straight cut dress if I dont want people to assume that i am having a 4th child. lol. A line , Peplum, skater and flared are the cuts that you need to remember when it comes to skirts and dresses if you wanna wear them without the shapewear.

4) Accessories: finely !! yes a statement necklace, earings or a brightly coloured scarf are the accessories that grab your attention when you first look at somebody. Choose earrings according to your face shape and neck length. Pay attention to your garment neckline when deciding on the necklace.

5) Bag: any pop of colour bag can be used to hide tummy in pictures, while walking or even sitting


7) Attitude: Nothing and I mean nothing looks more stylish than the confidence that you would wear any cloth with.