9 things to remember when attending a special occasion

Updated: Apr 6, 2019

No, It’s not those obvious things: the outfit, the earrings, the shoes, the bag, the hubby, the kids. Lol. No not that. What we gonna discuss here are the little things that we don't remember when we run around like a headless chicken when we are getting ready. Yes, as a mum of three (all under the age of three at one point) I have experienced that excitement anxiety and chaos at the same time. Here is my take on the 7 most crucial things that sometimes made me feel I have saved my day with these small yet important things.

1. Energy levels: No matter how excited or ready you are about the event if you are tired or feel little bit under the weather it shows. So, to make sure you stay on your A game you need to stay on top of two things

· Good sleep

· Vitamins and minerals

If you take your supplements regularly good for you. If not start thinking to get on top of it at least a week before. If really can’t get the time to stay on top of diet try Emergen-C .

Disclaimer: consult your doctor or pharmacist before taking any supplements.

It’s packed with 1000 mg of Vitamin C for immune support to keep you going all day long. Its way better than longing for caffeine all day long.

2 Bloated stomach: I bet you dint see this one coming. It wouldn’t be me if you don’t see the real seen behind the scene. Lol. Yes, many of my clients gets baffled and surprised when I ask if they have planned their diet for the days prior to the event. The answer is always ‘no’. And surprise, surprise I am never surprised. Always an explanation is needed where I feel like a nutrition expert for a short while even though I am not. I always advice my clients to start taking extra fibre in their diet when they are attending a special occasion. The easiest way to do that is including blue berries and oranges in your diet more than you normally take on daily basis. The other thing to include is the wholemeal cereal with warm milk.

3. Hay Fever or Allergies: Not many people are aware that pollen starts affecting hay fever or allergy prone people from end of February which is way before the spring officially begins. I myself was a victim of this ignorance. Always confusing hay fever with cold. If you are prone to any air borne allergies speak to your doctor. Taking Hay fever tablet a night before can help you prevent it as its already in the system when you wake up in the morning. Make sure its Non-Drowsy.

Disclaimer: consult your doctor or pharmacist before taking any medication.

4. Regular Medication: If you are on some regular medication make sure you put a reminder on your phone to take it on time. Pack the exact dosage night before and any other requirements needed to take it. For example, any drink or food you have to take before or after it. If it gives you nausea after taking it make sure you speak to your doctor to prevent it or give you any advice about it.

Disclaimer: All the opinions described here are authors’ own. Always consult your doctor about any medication you take.

5. Party Pouch: We can’t be prepared for everything in life yet there are small things that can help us to save the day to some extent. For this reason, I always have a party pouch handy in my bag. To see what it includes and how I put together refer to my blog post what is a party pouch and why should you have one.

6. Night gear and refreshments: Not to mention that we need kids’ extra clothes handy when attending any event. I remember the dread when my little one used to have severe eczema and refluxes. To make life little bit easier always pack nightwear with you so that at the end of the day they can be changed into nightwear ready for bed. One less thing to tackle at the end of the day when you don’t feel like removing your own clothes.

Regardless whether you are staying in a hotel or coming back home there would be one kid who feels peckish as soon as they are out of the event zone. Some kids might save their appetite for McDonalds, but some might be entertained with a packet of crisps. Its always to keep their favourite snacks handy in the car.

7. Positive Mindset: Many of us have some sort of anxiety or fear when it comes to attending any gathering. It could be fear of bumping into people who tries to creep under our skin or anxiety of how you going to react when or if you see your ex. For a detailed meditation and affirmations refer to my blog post how to deal with toxic people. Remember you can’t control how others behave but you can control your reaction to their behaviour. I always advice to my clients that its always a good idea that a night before you clear your mind of any hatred or anger towards people who can give you hard time. Remind yourself there is goodness in everybody that some people don’t know how to show it. Tell yourself that I am going to stay calm and poised even when people try to push buttons.

Giving a smile and excusing yourself from the conversation can save you heaps of regret afterword’s.

8. Weather: Always check the weather for the whole day. It might be a lovely day in the morning and in the afternoon, it might start raining or in the evening the temperature might drop down significantly. You might need a cover up for the evening. Get that ready with the dress.

9. Fabric: Depending on what time of the year it is choose the fabric of the outfit accordingly. Stay away from polyester in the winter as it can get cold or hot very quickly. In summer it might feel really hot in a thick fabric.