Why I Do What I do?

Yes money is one of the reasons. But there is another reason, a deeper one. Read my story to find out.

My Story !

8 years ago when I was struggling with severe eczema the thought of putting any chemical on my face would scare me to death.

With a 1-year-old child to look after, it was a mission to go through simple daily chores of life, like giving a bath or cooking food.

Extreme physical, emotional and social struggle to fit in and to be accepted took a toll on me. With eczema, I was finding it hard to live in my own skin.

It was 4 years later and after having two more children (middle one had severe eczema too when three months old), I was crying out loud about being lonely and having no real connection with anyone, despite having people around me.  That is when a friend said to me:

"Girl, you are on the verge of deep depression.  But it's not an option for you.  You got three kids to look after".

It wasn't news to me. I knew every day I was extracting myself from a feeling where I never wanted to be.

The friend continued:

"People showcase their own past wounds, insecurities and mental conditioning through their behaviour.

Don't expect any change in things that you got no control over. Not everybody can understand what you going through.

Don't seek approval from others. You would fail miserably. You need to build a connection with yourself  first."

'How' I didn't ask but my eyes must-have. Everything was hitting home.

"Start caring for yourself in a way that you can see the tangible results.  Show up for yourself as you show up for your kids or husband or anybody else."

To cut a long story short next morning, reluctantly but intentionally I bought myself three clothing pieces to wear at home.  Got my hair coloured and noticed a shift.

A shift in me and in every entity in my entire surroundings.

I felt alive. A felt that a real empowering feeling dawned upon me.

I learnt that day that in order to support myself emotionally I need to show up physically as a person who looks like she can support.

In order to put yourself together emotionally, you have to put yourself together physically first. Only then your soul can shine through your style.

I now help women abandon that corner seat that, once upon a time, I thought could make me invisible to others in the party.  Or gain that authority in the meeting that they have worked hard for.

As I went all into it, I realised for me personal style is not just a way of dressing up and show up in the world, its inner transformation that shows outside.  And I am always aspiring to improve myself in every aspect of the word.

There is no book that I read and in which the author didn't talk about the effect of a person's outer appearance. Even Tony Robbins says,

"Style is more important  than substance, initially."

It might sound unfair that style is weighed over substance initially. But that is the reality of the world outside. To play the part, you need to look the part.

My mission is to empower every woman who wants to achieve their full potential by building a powerful image and brand.


Much love

Neeta Hanzra