Here's the thing!

You are a focused and driven woman who is building a business and life, wearing one hat after the other in the process.

From meeting clients to posting on social media, attending networking events to pitching for speaking gigs, your image speaks to your prospect before you do.

You have a purpose, a mission, a brand and an important message.

Now the question is

Does your image convey the right message?

Does it show your clients that you are a warm, friendly, approachable female who can hold their hand when they need?

Does your style represent you as the expert in your field and a powerful businesswoman who can deliver what is expected of her?

Do you know how to switch between the fun, elegant and glamorous avatar when stand in your power with structured silouette?

The good news is,

as Marie Forleo says "everything is figuroutable".

If your life or business requires you to stand in your power, then I invite you to experience the clear persona of your own Image and Style that not only showcases your brand but the vision behind it.

What my  clients say......

Whom do I help?

Ambitious female entrepreneurs, busy businesswomen and female executives who want to be the highest version of themselves and achieve their highest goals. 

But they: 

  • Are time-poor for outfit planning and shopping

  • Have a special event coming up

  • Need the confidence to FIND and OWN their Personal-style

  • Are getting ready for a Branding  shoot

  • Need personal-styling and outfit-planning  for Speaking gigs

  • Want a simple yet impactful image and style for Networking events

  • Are trying to establish a personal-style that suits their lifestyle from weekends to vacations to business conferences and client meetings.

How do I help my clients?

Whether you are getting ready for a speaking gig, attending a business summit,  showing up as an entrepreneur in networking events, wants to be the face of your brand on your website or social media or you simply practising self-love and wants to rise through style, here is how we do it together.

Intensive Wardrobe 'n Style Transformation

This service is particularly designed for women who need transformation and organisation of their existing wardrobe and style through body shape analyses

  • 3 hours in-home wardrobe edit

  • Body-shape analyses and personal-style discovery

  • Consign or donate items

  • Create 6 seasonal-looks using existing items that suit your body shape 

  • Virtual shopping for 8 items to add to the wardrobe with shopping links

Extreme Image and Style Overhaul

Designed with women in mind who want to concentrate on achieving their goals without wasting time and energy standing in front of the wardrobe every day.

  • 3-hour in-home Closet edit

  • Consign or donate items

  • 3-hour shopping for new items as needed

  • New and existing clothes transformed into at least 20 new looks

  • Digital Gallery of your outfits

  • Virtual seasonal shopping 2 times for the following year/ shopping for 2 events.

  • Colour Analysis


Pay in full bonus: Complementary bra fitting (cost of new bras not included) and a makeup lesson with professional make up artist.


30 min coaching on how to mix outfits with accessories 


Accessory edit/ up to 7 pieces of accessory shopping 


Cost of new clothing items and accessories not included.

Ultimate Style Power Treat

Full-year support for women who means business

  • 3 Hour in-home closet edit

  • Consign or donate items

  • Two, 3 Hr. shopping sessions (spring & fall) in the following year.

  • I  will also periodically shop for you and bring you items to try on. You keep & pay for only what you love. I return the rest! 

  • Virtual/or in-person Special event styling 4 times/year

  • Packing/Shopping assistance for 3 trips/ year. (one person, trip duration 7- 8 days)

  • 2 Curated Boxes of clothing and accessories per year. (Retail value $250 each)

  • Unlimited Access - style SOS 6 times/month (think:  HELP!! I have this last-minute party, how do I look?)

  • Access to my network of seamstresses, hair stylists and other style & beauty professionals

    Access to my collection of accessories for special occasions (think- weddings, speaking engagements, galas)



  • A fashion expert friend who delivers style at your doorstep and hold your hand to reach your higher image and achieve success through confidence.

  • Complimentary bra fitting (cost of new bras not included) and a make up lesson with professional make up artist.

Send us a quick message or chat live . Ask any style question you have in mind or if you need little confidence boost or advice on what and how you wear certain pieces. Always happy to help. Alternatively join our Facebook   community or Instagram squad for style inspiration and confidence boost.

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